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  • Motor Compartment: Underside of hood, firewall, and motor components degreased, washed, and dressed.
  • Wheels & Wheel Wells: Wheel wells, rims, and tires degreased, rims acid treated if needed, pressure washed, and dressed.
  • Exterior Paint: Entire exterior vehicle surfaces, brush washed, fallout treated, pressure rinsed, and chamois dried. Painted surfaces treated with a Polymer Paint Sealer and buffed to a brilliant shine.
  • Door & Trunk Jambs: Pressure washed and wiped clean.
  • Trunk Compartment: Vacuumed and wiped clean. Personal articles bagged and stored.
  • Exterior Glass: Cleaned and polished.
  • Exterior Trim: Chrome cleaned and water spots removed. Cladding and firewall cover cleaned and dressed.



  • Interior Carpets: Mats removed and pressure washed. Carpets vacuumed, brush scrubbed with carpet shampoo, and air dried.
  • Upholstery: Velour and fabric upholstery vacuumed, brush scrubbed with upholstery cleaner, and air dried.
  • Leather Upholstery: Vacuumed, brush scrubbed with PH balanced leather cleaner and dressed with leather conditioner and sealant.
  • Dash, Vents, & Instruments: Pressure blown and brushed to remove dust and foreign particles. Vinyl and Plastic surfaces dressed and wiped.
  • Interior Doors: Brush scrubbed, dressed and wiped.
  • Compartment & Pouches: Vacuumed, brushed and cleaned.
  • Interior Glass & Mirrors: Cleaned and polished.

Pricing Schedule

The following schedule is based on vehicles exhibiting normal usage and soil. We reserve the option to adjust pricing for excessively solid or contaminated vehicles.

Full Vehicle Detailing Service

  • Cars start at $175
  • SUVs/Trucks start at $200


$10 Hand Car Wash Service

  • Hand wash with soap
  • Shamoi wipe down
  • Larger vehicles add $10

à la carte

  • Vacuum – $10 (does not include pet hair removal)
  • Windows – $15 (for all windows)
  • Spray Wax – $20 (+ $10 for SUV/Trucks)
  • Hand Wax – $45 (+ $15 for SUV/Trucks)
  • Tire Shine – $5
  • Interior Wipe Down – $10 (dry micro towel)
  • Interior Dress – $15
  • Cup Holder Cleaning – $15


Full vehicle detail requires a minimum of 4 hours and is scheduled by appointment only.

Morning appt. from 7am to 12 noon. Afternoon appt. from 1pm to 5pm.

packaged deals

  • Like It Express
    $50 SUV/Truck + $10
    • Hand Wash
    • Tire Shine
    • Windows
    • Spray Wax
    • Vacuum (does not include pet hair removal)
  • Like It Spruced Up
    $60 SUV/Trucks +$10
    • Hand Wash
    • Tire Shine
    • Windows
    • Spray Wax
    • Interior Wipe Down (with dry towel)
    • Vacuum (does not include pet hair removal)
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